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Dan and Kris met in January of 2016. They both were working at Aurora, outside of Calgary, Alberta, at a time when there were only 26 licenced producers in all of Canada. 

Dan who is from Calgary, worked at Aurora to learn more about cannabis and start a new profession. 

Kris is older and with cannabis experience beginning in 1993, came to Aurora to get a foot in the door of the legal cannabis market.  Coming from Vancouver Island, he had been involved in cannabis production his entire life and wanted to legitimize his profession. 

Kris and Dan have worked together at three licensed producers.  One in Quebec as well.  Quebec has a cannabis market that rivals B.C. for those of you who didn't know. 

Over the years, Dan has amassed a seed collection that is beyond compare. Kris has a Kush strain he has kept alive, in clone form, since 2002 (with the help of people who he won't name here!)

That was the basis of the common interests that the two share. At the production facilities they were involved with, Kris and Dan learned how to cross breed successfully.  Kris started hitting Dan up for some of his seeds, with the goal of creating crosses with his Kush and now we have Boss Seeds!

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