Drunk OG

The selection for the first Boss male Cotton Hill, aka Drunk Parrot, came from Bodhi.

  Before the days of Cookies & Sherberts, Gelato and Zkittles, the heavy weight parents were held in high regard.  Northern Lights #5, Afgooey & Blockhead are the genetic makeup. 

Out of all the seeds popped from this pack, there was 1 male that stood out,  with a stem rub so strong, notes of hash, skunk & fuel like dankness waffle in the air around it.  It was grown out over the summer of 2020, swaying out in the bask of country sun.  As fall approached he was brought inside and flowered out.  He dumped piles and piles of pollen, which was lovingly collected, stored and then mated with Kris's Kush, a match made to be. 

One could expect smell of burnt rubber, skunk, astringent chemical earthiness.  Smelling so bad, never smelled to good!


Kris's Kush 

Female Kush


Drunk Parrot

See some balls...

Drunk OG Seeds

Drunk OG

Peek a boo!